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The spraying of a good perfume is probably part of your daily routine. A right perfume says anything about your personality and go with longer use really belong to you.However, there are many perfumes on the market and you will not want another one with the scent. We will not tell you what you should wear perfume, because a fragrance is very personal. We’re going to tell you exactly what you need to know about buying and using your perfectly chosen perfume.



Nothing is as difficult as a perfume walk in and pick the right perfume. What you should not do is smell the bottles. This way you do not smell the core of the fragrance. A perfume is provided with one or more odor substances and these odors are released in various stages of smell. Always use the scent strips and let the fragrance a few minutes withdraw before you smell it. It can also help to bring the fragrance on your wrist, letting withdraw to smell then outside.You need the perfume especially rub the skin, because the scent molecules and scent notes can then change.

Test a perfume on your skin and let it soak for a few minutes. Smell off the scent, because in conjunction with your body odor can smell it differently than on the scent strip.

Your sense of smell is at the end of the day, so the best in the testing of perfume is the best end afternoon time. Never test more than 3 or 4 perfumes at once because after the various odors are not well absorbed by the smell. Did you choose the perfect scent?Wait about 10 minutes after the test until you proceed to purchase. The smells are completely withdrawn and so only stay on the base scents combined with your natural body odor.

Consider the season. Some perfumes which fit better in the summer and other weather in the winter. A summer fragrance is fresh / fruity and light wood or citrusy. A winter fragrance contrast darker, heavier and often spicier. Invest in a just takes some perfume and do not go for a fake.



Perfume, not to be confused with eau de parfum, contains the highest percentage of fragrance ingredients ranging from about 20% to 40%.A real perfume is not squirt often, but is dropped. A few drops are sufficient to smell good throughout the day.

In eau de parfum is a solvent such as alcohol or water, in some cases, in order to improve the distribution of the fragrance and dissolving.Eau de parfum contains about 10% to 20% of fragrance ingredients.This is the most common form.

This scent remains despite the lower concentration scent lingers long. This obviously varies from brand to brand and per person, for how long a fragrance lingers also depends on the skin.

Eau de toilette is often slightly cheaper and will again depend somewhat shorter. With 5% to 10% the concentration of fragrance is also slightly lower. Often the smell halfway through the day largely disappeared.

Finally, there’s cologne: a cheap variant by about 2% to 5% fragrance ingredients. This light scent is more often on a handkerchief or sprayed cushion instead of on the skin.


As is the case when testing a scent on the skin, you should when applying the perfume does not rub on your body. You will touch the smell molecules and it can also cause skin irritation. Let the smell so quietly withdraw.

The best time to apply perfume is just after your daily shower because then stand the pores of your skin open. Keep your perfume when spraying from a distance of about 15 centimeters for a wide spray.

It sounds logical but do not like a garden sprinkler to spray under your body. Self might find it nice that the odor is present, but others do not need you to smell from a distance.Keep it in your neck, behind your ears, chest or wrists.

Put the perfume after use in a dark, cool and dry place. Thus, there is no evaporation or loss of odor place.

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