The hottest hairstyles for brides In 2018

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The hottest hairstyles for brides. If your makeup and dress are all right, then you’re almost there. Now a matching hairstyle and you’re all set. I asked Jochen Vanhoudtstraat, known barbershop Clientology and Four show ‘The Clap Salon, how brides today want their hair on their big day.

“Forget the trends you see in the typical bride booklets: if you soon you yes, you will remain faithful to your own style. The hairstyle must at all brides fit their personality, “says Jochen.

“Women who cross the floor to me and say they act in marriage, I still question whether they have their dress. Based on pictures I think with the bride a style that suits the look, sounds. Jochen says a romantic dress like Sissi did not combine so nicely with casual bohemian style. Anderom is also true: “Did you dress a tight fit, then the lure should not resemble that of Sissi,” says the barber. The perfect hairstyle do you get according to Jochen not immediately. “During a practice session for the wedding, we make a two or three haircuts. Whether we make a haircut, but play with different accents. “

Jochen tells us there in that most women who get married want to make something special of their hair and identifies these trends.

Boho chic

One thing is clear: you just wear hair loose is the biggest trend of the moment. Kate Moss led the way during her marriage in 2011.

wedding hairstyles for medium length hair


Here you can according to the hairdresser all side of it. “You may make a hundred different braids. A fishbone braid to a copy which is loosely pulled apart, “says Jochen.

wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids

Tight updo

The dot and chignon are eternal classics among the faithful hairstyles. If you have an ombre coloring or tortoiseshell on your lure, you get nice effects when you light the hair this way.

bridal hairstyles for long hair


From flowers to clips and glitter: today it is totally hip to provide your hair accessories.

bridal hairstyles pictures


Extensions are ideal for those with short, low and fine hair more volume on their big day needs. Click Extensions is the budget-friendly solution, but you can not model them with a curling iron. With real hair extensions can do that, but you should count on 300 euros a hair band.

The Great Gatsby

Not as hip as in 2013 when the movie only came out, but Jochen still find a high interest in retro hairstyles à la Daisy Buchanan and her friends.

wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids

Tips for the perfect wedding hairstyle

– According to Jochen should not necessarily be a hairdresser Enable your marriage coupe, but in that case, dexterity required.Expect that you will have a lot of stress and thereby a thing will not go as hoped.
– Do you have colored hair, go for five to ten days before your wedding day to the hairdresser to color in. So it looks as healthy on your wedding day.
– If you choose an updo, wash your hair the day before. Then the hairdresser can easily work with your hair.
– Did you grow her to learn it, please leave your last haircut for your loyalty still cut the dots so that it is healthy.
– Keep in mind that a stylist who has to come home means a hefty chunk out of your budget.
– Be careful with stains: if you are not satisfied, it is difficult to obtain quickly your natural color.


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