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how to wear a hat with long hair guys

Hats are hot. Especially when the spring weather slowly makes its appearance. Hats are not only practical (rain and a bad hair day), they are also another super fashionable.The hair care and trends spotted at the international fashion weeks.


From tough bowler hats to gigantic black flap hats. Whether you’re into rock ‘n roll or classical, for every style there is a hat. The streetstylers we spotted en masse with a headdress during fashion week in New York, London, Milan and Paris. 

In terms of hairstyles hair under the hat is often worn loose coarse sexy curls. Yet we also spot many beautiful and playful braid underneath the flap as social influencer and famous blogger Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad shows. Also, a low bun or ponytail is trending lower and easy. Want to learn how to make cool hairstyles for under your hat?Watch this tutorial:


Hat Topshop 
€ 36.00

Hat SuperTrash SUPERTRASH € 59.95

Hat SuperTrash
€ 59.95

Hat with lace PETER HAHN € 56.95


Want a hat but do not which model suits you best? Look at the shape of your face and handle these tips.Lucky ones with an oval face, almost all models are good! Experiment so well on loose with color, shape and material. Also, women with a heart-shaped face can have many hats.

Please note that the flap is not too big to create a good balance with your narrow chin. Do you have a triangular face? Go for a model with a wider flap hat to let your jaw line nice come

. For a square face are asymmetric hats better, as well as small round models. The round hats are also beautiful women with a rounder face, provided with a small edge. For a rectangular face and a long brimmed hat is the perfect matchmaker!

how to wear your hair with a baseball hat


how to wear a hat with long hair


how to wear a hat with long hair


hat hairstyles for short hair


hat hairstyles for short hair


hat hairstyles


how to wear your hair with a baseball hat


hat hair style for winter


hairstyles for hats at work

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